Sugar and tea, a story of affinity

The more or less pronounced bitterness in a cup of tea is not solely a question of how much leaves you put into your pot. It appears when the caffeine molecules disperse and diffuse into the liquid. We all know that it gives us a boost, eliminates fatigue and increases our concentration, but we also […]


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The demand in tea is increasing

During the past 100 years, tea production worldwide has increased tenfold and is currently hovering on the 5.4 million tons per year. Happily, all overt the world, the sales of tea follow the same pattern. Even if the cost of raw materials has tended to rise in the recent years due to unpredictable weather almost […]

The rebirth of a forgotten Oolong

For decades, China has unveiled its ancestral know-how in tea and that’s saying a lot! But, it has not yet given up all its secrets, moreover Zhangping Shuixan tea is the proof. Since 2015, a young tea producer has decided to reconnect  with a forgotten tradition passed away for around 5 generations and to make […]

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Drama in Darjeeling

It is not the first time that there are political problems in Darjeeling, but it is the first time that it lasts so long and with so much violence. For over 2 months, the separatist political movement “Gorkhaland” is blocking the region. They have been asking for years for the creation of an independant state. The […]

What the parallel between Sauternes sweet wine and tea ?

I have this week the visit of the Indian exporter I have been working with for decades. I know, he likes red wine but, this year, I decide to take him to the small terroir « Sauternes », located south of Bordeaux and famous for it sweet white wine.  Why ? Because the parallel between this sweet wine […]



Chong Tae Jeon, the Korean cake tea

I never heard about this antic Korean practice before consisting in aging tea pressed like small cakes, then to skewer them one after the other on a thread and to hang these strings of tea on the ceiling while waiting to be drunk. This long standing custom remains of the post fermented Pu-Ehr cake teas […]