It’s holiday time !

You surely have already planned everything ! Nevertheless, let me share with you some good tips that I discovered and loved during my travels. If some of you are travelling in Washington, I would like to draw your attention on the teapot at the entrance of the National Museum of the American Indien. This “bird-teapot” created […]


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The incredible blue pea

In European countries, we don’t know this plant native to South East Asia, but also America and Australia. However, the blue pea, also called butterfly pea is held in high esteem for its medicinal and aromatic values. Used for a long time in Ayurvedic medicine for its sedative and antispasmodic effect, blue pea herbal tea has […]

Moringa, a superhero among the plants

The moringa is more and more present in our tea blends or herbal teas, but very few people know about this plant, also called “ the Tree of Life”, well known in Asia and used for centuries for its various benefits on health. Originated from South India and Sri Lanka, its Tamil name is Morungai. In the […]


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An own trademark for Nepali teas

It is the buzz of this new year ! Nepal government has decided to adopt its own logo and trademark for Nepali teas. It seems to be the end of the good old time when Nepali teas were sold for rentablity reasons, unter the name of « Darjeeling tea ». Very s by unscrupulous suppliers. Soon, it will […]

Sugar and tea, a story of affinity

The more or less pronounced bitterness in a cup of tea is not solely a question of how much leaves you put into your pot. It appears when the caffeine molecules disperse and diffuse into the liquid. We all know that it gives us a boost, eliminates fatigue and increases our concentration, but we also […]


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The demand in tea is increasing

During the past 100 years, tea production worldwide has increased tenfold and is currently hovering on the 5.4 million tons per year. Happily, all overt the world, the sales of tea follow the same pattern. Even if the cost of raw materials has tended to rise in the recent years due to unpredictable weather almost […]