French taste in tea is finally recognized

Over the years and my numerous meetings with tea producers throughout the world, there is always a moment during my conversations with them where i mention how convinced I am that the rich traditions around taste in France give french consumers an edge and all attributes to become big tea drinkers.

My remark excludes, of course any « fanfaronnerie » and patriotic connotations.

The remark is objectively based on the fact that it seems impossible to me that a country where people have been used for generations, to dissect the taste notes of a wine or a champagne or get excited about the delicacy of foie gras, cannot one day soon have a flame for tea and its different aromas  (or rather teas) and totally embrace it, make it theirs as they did with other products.


Today, I welcomed the recognition brought by this  BBC Article :


Yes, it is true that, unlike our British friends, tea in France does not belong to our culture, that French mothers do not give tea to babies in bottles and tea has remained as an elite product for very long time.

Not to mention that up until the 80s, the only teas in France, in supermarkets, were those of British brands … which, of course, correspond to both the British taste and the British way of drinking tea.

Since the 1990s, tea supply in France has evolved tremendously, it has diversified greatly, so that the consumer is almost sure to find the tea that suits him.

I think the development and the increased tea knowledge of consumers, becoming more competent and demanding, will  help  strengthen the French tea specificity. They will force tea buyers to be even more discerning in their selection.

Tea in France remains a niche market, nonetheless a growing one.

Surely that tomorrow, tea in France  will  be the equal (or almost equal ) of wine ; we will drink it, we will discuss it and  we will ask for more !

Dans Ma Tasse

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