The SEEYOK tea garden is getting to Chinese methods

It is not easy to reach the SEEYOK tea garden. The road from Mirik or better expressed the path, is so steep and narrow that drivers must have cold sweats, but for passager, it is a great pleasure to discover the so scenic and beautifull landscape of the Darjeeling mountains.

Beyond its high quality teas and its organic and fairtrade certifications, SEEYOK is flirting for some time with the Chinese know-how. Its aim is to innovate and to offer new styles of tea.

Its latest trial : the organic natural flavouring orange black tea


SEEYOK resums the Chinese process which consists in closing a Shou Pu ehr tea in the bark of an orange and to let the flavours of the fruit impreganting slowly the tea.

But in Seeyok’s case, it is a black tea which will be put inside the fruit. It is more délicate than the Shou Pu ehr tea genrally used in Yunnan (south west of China).

The result is quite convincing. The SEEYOK orange tea is subtle with a good recognizable and fine flavours of orange or rather mandarine.

No need to mention that the process is delicate and quite time-consuming. After having hollowed an organic orange, the tea is put inside and will « marinate «  for around 3 days to soak the orange flavour.

Regarding the high cost price, we may think that this new product could have an incertain future and a quite confidential production. But who knows ? The Chinese producers have succeed the mass production of their famous Blooming teas, however so delicate to elaborate.

Mr LAMA, SEEYOK’s manager doesn’t hesitate to investigate further and is already very proud to explain that the manufacturing of blooming teas is « under control ». Fine black Darjeeling SEEYOK 2.Flush leaves are selected in which the flower of a purple
global amaranth named “Makhmali”  in hindi and nepalese is trapped.

SEEYOK is the first Darjeeling tea garden to offer that kind of speciality teas. To introduce it on the world tea market, to create the demand and to produce in bigger quantity is the next upcoming challenge.


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