Professional tea blending and flavouring in South Korea

The first Professional tea blending and flavouring class has just ended in Seoul, South Korea.

Through a partnership between Tealab- tea academy and ITEI, International Tea Education Institute, the classes and workshops proposed by these two entities have now the same standards in term of content and quality in the two continents.

It is within this framework that I had the pleasure to lead the Professional tea blending class during 3 days.

This course that I have developped and designed for ITEI is mainly built around the flavouring of tea, herbal tea and fruit tea.

The future tea blenders get to know the rules of the flavouring, its methodology and norms.

In this in blingual class (English and Korean), the students, very numerous, were able to train to the art and science of blending tea, through Hands-on training. The workshops were very dynamic, rich in exchanges and in creations.

séoul 1Along the Korean participants, students from Bahrein and Singapore came to take the class as well. This cultural melting pot enriched both the discussions and creations.

The next ITEI Professional tea blending class should be held in Montreal in September 2017 and will be given in French and English. You can get information on ITEI website.

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