The Plum tea

They bear different names following countries but, wherever is the place, their branch of delicate, arachnidan flowers is seizing everywhere with the same happiness.

How beautiful was the Korean countryside with this pinkish canopy in a more or less pronounced colour following the varieties.

We are used to calling them « cherry tree », but, without being an expert in botany, I believe that these trees belong to the family of prunus. Here, the South Koreans say that their variety is close to an apricot tree and specific to their country.

Around mid of March, the tea producers use to pick the flowers, to blend them with a green tea and to propose a so-called “Plum tea”.

cerisier en fleur

The liqueur is absolutely delicious. It develops a very fine but longlasting taste of kernel and almond which gets perfectly married to the vegetal note of the green tea.

Someone says that this blend would also be a good blood cleaner and a light painkiller as well.

You can buy this tea already blended or prepare it yourself by adding 6 to 7 flowers to your green tea. You can brew it 3 times.

Plum tea

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