The rebirth of a forgotten Oolong

For decades, China has unveiled its ancestral know-how in tea and that’s saying a lot! But, it has not yet given up all its secrets, moreover Zhangping Shuixan tea is the proof.

zhang ping shui shen1

Since 2015, a young tea producer has decided to reconnect  with a forgotten tradition passed away for around 5 generations and to make again pressed oolong tea. This know-how was the speciality of Longyang, one famous terroir in south Fujian.

To produce the delicous « green » oolong tea ( light fermented), cultivars like Tie guan Yin, Bushan, Huang Jin guin, Mao Xie or Rhuan zhe are preferred. But in the case of Zhangping, a cultivar with longer leaves is necessary, reason why the great and rare Shuixian cultivar is used for the pressed oolong. Shiuxien cultivar is generally known as the famous Wuji Shuixien «dark « oolong.

After processing, the oolong leaves are made by traditional manner, one by one in a wooden mould and press to small square cake of about 6 g.moule Zhang ping shui shen

For the endconsummer, it is a very nice and pratical way for preparing the tea as the entiere cake will be put in the teapot.zhang ping fini

Its taste is delicate, mild, flowery with no astringency. As other oolong teas, Zhangping Shuixian can be infused around 4 times. Multiple infusions allowed to notice the evolution of the taste. By rehydrating the leaves, the tea becomes milder and milder.

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