An own trademark for Nepali teas

It is the buzz of this new year ! Nepal government has decided to adopt its own logo and trademark for Nepali teas.

It seems to be the end of the good old time when Nepali teas were sold for rentablity reasons, unter the name of « Darjeeling tea ». Very s by unscrupulous suppliers. Soon, it will become impossible to say, as in the past, that it is sold 10 times more Darjeeling tea than produced in the terroir. This is also why few years ago, the Indian Tea Board, has done everything to protect and guarantee the teas of its famous terroir by a label of protected geographical indication.


For decades, the border between these two countries seemed very porous for tea. Many reasons for this. First, the proximity (in some places, the road virtually delineates the border crossing) offers a similarity of terroir and climate. Then, the lack of professional infrastructure obliged, until recently, Nepalese interested in tea to go to Darjeeling or Silliguri to learn the job. The history of these two Himalayan regions plays also an import role because, for a very long time, Darjeeling area has been home to a large population of Nepalese origin who immigrated for economic reasons. And this, already from the time when the region of Darjeeling belonged to the Kingdom of Sikkim before being ceded to the British before beeing and to be integrated to the Indian republic in the seventies.

Over the past decade, Nepal has made great efforts to improve the quality of its teas, to structure its production, to create its own image as well as to be known and internationally recognized as a tea producing country. This logo is therefore the logical consequence of the claim of one’s own identity.

It will take some time for this logo to be used and established. In directive 2074, the government has set up the standards for “Nepali Orthodox Tea Certification Trademark Implementation ». Producers who wish to use this logo must comply with all the requirements laid down not only in terms of product quality but also in terms of safety for employees, protection of the environment. One of the non-negociable conditions is the tea to be fully organic.

Through a rigorous and complex process, Nepal hopes that its efforts will be recognized by consumers and will help the producers to get the right price in the international market.


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