Moringa, a superhero among the plants

The moringa is more and more present in our tea blends or herbal teas, but very few people know about this plant, also called “
the Tree of Life”, well known in Asia and used for centuries for its various benefits on health. Originated from South India and Sri Lanka, its Tamil name is Morungai. In the botanical language, it is listed under “Moringa Oleifeira”, but everyone calls it “Moringa”.

moringa-bio-oleifera-huile-poudre-the-plante-graine-diabete-cancer-antioxydant-feuille-gousse-naturel-puissant-8The medicinal benefits of this tree are so famous that the ayurvedic medecine refers to it as the plant to cure more than 300 illnesses. The whole plant can be used for food or medicinal purposes as well the leaves, the seeds, the pods or the roots.

Beside the fruits eaten in compotes or fresh, the Moringa leaves are the ones with the highest nutrient density. Apart from antioxidants and numerous vitamins and minerals, Moringa contains complete plant proteins and is recognized for boosting the immune system, supporting the sportlers, reducing tireness…gelules-moringa-bio-feuilles-biologiquement-david-hervy-vy-thinh-poudre-1-1024x498

The growing popularity of this Super Food has reached the western countries and its demand is globally increasing. It is mixed to tea, herbal teas or green tea powder, a speciality in Thailand.

Its typical sweet and light spicy taste is due to the glycosides, molecule born from the sugar concentration contained in its seeds.

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