It’s holiday time !

You surely have already planned everything ! Nevertheless, let me share with you some good tips that I discovered and loved during my travels.

If some of you are travelling in Washington, I would like to draw your attention on the teapot at the entrance of the National Museum of the American Indien. This “bird-teapot” created by Michael MASSIE, a native American ans scottish artist, encompasses strong symbols and material of the inuit culture as caribou antler, silver, lacewood. For the artist, this very impressive teapot represents the warm welcome of his grandmtoher where tea was the first thing offered to guests before beginning any conversation.IMG_0218

If you like to have a cup of tea in Washington, let me advise the teashop TEAISM (R 2000 ST NW ) close to Dupont Circle metro. The place and food are nice and the tea I ordered, a Lung Ching, of good quality.

If you are in the south of Spain, please stop at the palace of the Countess LEBRIJA in SEVILLE. In this outsanding home, you will discover complete roman mosaics on the floor but also a nice collection of English and Chinese plates, teapots and dishes. I particulary liked a teapot seen at the first floor on the building in one of the private rooms of the Countess. Its white body, soberly decorated with a festoon and bluish arcades, showcases ancient figures. This English teapot, surely created by Wedgwood, amazes by its simplicity and purity.

For those who will visit India and especially the city of PUNE, go to the teashop called «  TANDOORI TEA shop ».  This new start-up has created a new type of Chai tea ( blend of tea with milk and spices) called « Tandoori Tea » in reference of the very famous Indian dish  « the Tandoori Chicken « cooked in a clay oven the Tandoor».

The specifity of this Chai is to have a smoky taste. Mr Rajdeo, the creator, develop an unique process by « rosting » the Kulhads, the clay teacups in which Chai is uselly drunk, at a very high temperature in the oven. Then, the half cooked Chai is pored in the hot Kulhads, and goes on cooking. During its stay in the oven, the Kulhads, have caught a smoky taste which is then transfered to the Chai.

Have a nice holiday !

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