Yet, another blog about tea ? But what for ?

It is all over on the internet.

What to write about, what for ?

My work, even if it’s considered as original and confidential, I didn’t grant myself a leave to tell any thing about it, scattered sequences of life in different countries, anecdotes, changes, preconcied idears, biais, impulsives or creation difficulties ….

But of course !

And if it were all of that, that would, all together, with no chronology, interest any one having interest at all about tea, be it, litterary, historical, uptodate, tasted or savoured occasionnaly, commercial or philosophical ?

This is and adventure to try.

Trying to shy away from the beaten tracks, trying to become familar with this world of tea. Testify about the change of spirit, methodology, innovations in the gardens, fairtrade developments.
Tea academic writtings have way too many times, made rigid the knowledge about tea, making it estranged and disconnected from reality. So that, I have even suspected from time to time, that teabushes grow on mars !

In short, and in all modesty, I would like to be a link between us and them.

Just  like the seed of tea, which become leaves, this blog is an invitation to listen to the particular sound… of tea.