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Tea style Pu-Ehr from Thailand

A handfull of planters, scattered in the north provinces of Thailand, and belonging to the Shan, Akha or Lisu tribes produce a tea style Pu-ehr – also named postfermented or dark tea-, according to the oral traditions, by plucking tealeaves from wild teabushes in the surrounding forests. For these tribes, manufacturing tea and especially this […]

Sheng et Shou Thaï

Tan Cuong Green Tea

Spot Light on Vietnam Teas

That is SENSE ASIA’s concept For the past three years, I have been closely following a fairly young company from Nha Trangh (Vietnam) until they contacted me. Their idea is simple : offer a « guided tour » of Vietnam teas ; but not just any teas ! Essentially, teas and herbal teas from small artisan producers, from reknown «  […]