You cannot stop progress !

An Englishman, Joshua Renouf, invents a new concept of alarm clock : the Barisieur, an alarm clock that can actually prepare tea and coffee. This man I never met, has certainly a great sense of comfort, of practice, of organization, even of rationalization of tasks. It is now possible for the one who always dreamed to wake […]



The SEEYOK tea garden is getting to Chinese methods

It is not easy to reach the SEEYOK tea garden. The road from Mirik or better expressed the path, is so steep and narrow that drivers must have cold sweats, but for passager, it is a great pleasure to discover the so scenic and beautifull landscape of the Darjeeling mountains. Beyond its high quality teas […]

Yet a nice Darjeeling Arya Ruby Tea 2016

In Darjeeling, where I still was few days ago, I could taste the new produced autumal teas 2016. This year, the Autumn flush Darjeeling tea harvest is slightly late as it rained quite heavily during the early weeks of October and in November. Once sunny days and quite warm temperature came back, the major production […]



Why are Yi Xing Tea pots so good for tea ?

A tea pot is more than a container for making tea. It is the final element which will enhance the taste of your natural, plain tea. The Yi Xing tea pots, name given tho the town southwest of Shanghai, in China’s Jiangsu province, are so valuable because of the high quality of its purple clay. […]

What is a speciality tea ?

The last decades have seen a boom in what the industry calls ‘Specialty Teas’, but if you ask for a definition you will come away confused. Even, there is no specific, established and recognized definition, for most of the people a speciality tea is a value added tea, where something is special, the contrary of […]



Waldemar, first Oolong factory in Sri Lanka

It’s well known, Sri Lanka used to manufacture 99,09% of black tea. It is now official , The Waldemar tea factory has outsourced its black * tea processing and been converted by Browns & Co., Plc to a oolong** and green** tea factory for a regular production of both of these types of tea . […]