Preparing a tea, it is not rocket science !

In my cup this morning, a little bit of anger…

I am appalled to see people not brewing black tea properly.

What is an infusion?

I observe more and more people bringing onto our tables a teapot full of hot water in which we are invited to soak our tea bags.

However, this method is calamitous for the quality of tea, because a teabag soaked directly into hot water, hardly infuses. The tea color is slow to appear and the taste disminushes and spaks more slowly.

Hotels, restaurants and even some tea rooms, sacrifice this basic approach for the rationalization of service.
I can understand that … But yet, the ABCs of a good cup of tea starts with the action of pouring water on the leaves and to wait for a few minutes.

This simple method is getting lost and not just in France. I had problem in Japan recently.

So sorry for tea, pity for you, isn’t the longest operation in all of this, the most time consumming is only to warm the water !

Isn’t it true ?