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Drama in Darjeeling

It is not the first time that there are political problems in Darjeeling, but it is the first time that it lasts so long and with so much violence. For over 2 months, the separatist political movement “Gorkhaland” is blocking the region. They have been asking for years for the creation of an independant state. The […]


Sheng et Shou Thaï

Tea style Pu-Ehr from Thailand

A handfull of planters, scattered in the north provinces of Thailand, and belonging to the Shan, Akha or Lisu tribes produce a tea style Pu-ehr – also named postfermented or dark tea-, according to the oral traditions, by plucking tealeaves from wild teabushes in the surrounding forests. For these tribes, manufacturing tea and especially this […]

Spot Light on Vietnam Teas

That is SENSE ASIA’s concept For the past three years, I have been closely following a fairly young company from Nha Trangh (Vietnam) until they contacted me. Their idea is simple : offer a « guided tour » of Vietnam teas ; but not just any teas ! Essentially, teas and herbal teas from small artisan producers, from reknown «  […]

Tan Cuong Green Tea


New status for the Rooibos

After the Darjeeling teas and those from Boseong in South Korea, the European Union has grant South Africa’s Rooibos the coveted Geographical Indicator affording trademark protections worldwide. This very important decision means that South African Rooibos and Honeybush are identify as a product originating from that country, with specific characteristics attribuable to this special geographical […]