What’s a Tea Blender

A teablender can be compared to a composer who creates melodies with different music notes, a tea blender creates a new blend with various types of teas.

To speak  simply and, even the comparaison is not completly true, I could say that the job of a teablender is something  between an oenolog and a nose in the parfume industry.

Traditionnaly, a teablender used to create blends with natural teas or, more recently, speciality teas by mixing them with flavours. My experience in the tea trade for over 30 years has given me the opportunity to work on both these types of blends.

Like an author, the teablender has to know various rules, which can be complement or differentiate each other, depending if he works with plain or flavoured teas.

To create a blends with natural teas or woth flavours, you need to have a wide knowledge. Gaining this knowledge  is an ongoing process, that has to be  evolve refreshed as new teas and flavours become available.

He has to know  the teas produced in différent countries, which ingredients are avalaible, at which moment of the year and which taste they have.

For creating flavoured teas, the blender must have in – depth knowledge of the flavours and to know the possible variations of each flavours. To be inform about the possible ingredients or herbs which can be added as «  decoration » is equally important.

It is only, after having a response on all these questions, that he can begin to imagine.. the new possible blend.

The creativity of a teablender will be his special way to «put in music» the various elements. Like an composer, a teablender has his own style.

But additionnely to all of that, you will have  to create and  develop your palate, to create your « own inner library » to memorise all the possible tastes and to educate forever and ever your palate.

Tea is an aprenticeship which never finishes.


Brigitte with tea in India